Cliven Bundy Appeals Order to Remove Trespass Cattle or Face Seizure by BLM

The Spectrum is reporting (be sure to read both pages) that Cliven Bundy has appealed the order to remove his trespass cattle from Federal lands in southern Nevada. Bundy says he intends to “keep on ranching, like [he’s] always done.”

He claims that the federal government has no jurisdiction over federal lands because they really aren’t federal lands but, rather, state lands.  He makes other ridiculous arguments about how “the pilgrims came here seeking liberty and happiness” and how he is going to hold the judge who ordered his trespassing cattle off of public lands.

This looks like just another stalling tactic to delay the removal of his cattle that have been illegally trespassing on BLM and National Park Service lands for 19 years.

The law is clearly not on his side but public lands ranchers often feel entitled to these lands and the taxpayer subsidies that often go along with them.

Grazing was eliminated from this area due to the presence of federally protected desert tortoise in the area.


  1. LoneWolf25 Avatar

    My goodness, this guy is definitely in the running to be the official state a–hole of Nevada. Nineteen years of breaking the law, at federal taxpayer expense?! This is beyond sick. Seize all his cattle and make him return all the federal taxpayer money he stole!

    1. EVC Avatar

      The law protecting cattle from eating grass is where the stupidity began. 500,000 acres of grassland subdued by the government. That is what the real issue is. They do not care about any tortoise, only controlling farmers. I’ll wager not a single person ridiculing this man has ever attempted farming outside of a small vegetable garden in their yard. It is expensive and difficult and society DEPENDS on it. What issue would ANYONE have with cattle eating grass on 500,000acres of uninhabited GRASSLANDS? Do any of you have any concept of the vastness of that area? There should be zero problems with cattle meandering about eating grass there. The man is using common sense. And he knows, as all current farmers do, that the government on several levels is trying anything to thumb down more control and strict limitations, attempting to ensure that no one is self-dependent. That is what this is about, and if anyone on this feed does not see it for that truth, then I submit that you have less sense than he cattle in question

      1. Nancie Mccormish Avatar
        Nancie Mccormish

        EVC, I don’t doubt your passion but have to question your logic on several accounts.

        First, though of course it is difficult to farm or ranch, or really do any sort of gainful employment, that is not the issue.

        Second, those grasslands are not “uninhabited” at all, which any elementary ecology book could apprise you of.

        Third, cattle are not a native species here and in fact cause a lot of harm in those environments simply by being there. Take a look at the natural history of cheatgrass, for one example.

        Fourth, other species are removed or displaced as a result of the impacts of cattle (and sheep) grazing.

        Fifth, surely you can see the irony in claiming an American citizen is “self-dependent” when he is creating his profits by feeding his cattle at the public trough? We are all paying for his “free” grass in one way or another.

        And sixth, society isn’t depending on his livestock business, less than 4% of all our national beef herd is grazed on public lands. And we, the public, see beef prices rising so much that I for one, no longer eat any. I also have some questions about range cattle sharing lands with Oil & Gas operations… maybe that’s what gives the meat that “gamey” taste?

  2. Larry Avatar

    I have followed this Cliven Bundy story for a few years and had him pictured as a little old stove up man with a cane fighting dementia in his last years. The photo in the article changed that. This guy is just another “It’s all about me and my cows” in a big hat. The self power pills that some of these ranchers take are incredible. Would like to read a transcript of his remarks he made at the cow pie convention a couple weeks ago. It’s too bad the appeals process will probably drag out.

  3. Denise Boggs Avatar
    Denise Boggs

    Aside from Bundy needing a history lesson and a psyche evaluation, a warrant for his arrest should be issued and enforced. He should have been put in jail back in 1998. Why is there special treatment for law breaking ranchers? If a conservationist violated the law they would be thrown in jail in a heartbeat. I’m tired of tax dollars defending morons like Bundy. Throw him in jail and be done with it.

  4. MAD Avatar

    unfortunately, there are only 2 ways that sub-humans like Cliven respond effectively to:

    1) an aggressive all-out legal assault by the aggrieved party (the Fed, but really the American people) to recover damages and penalties amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars (which will never happen)


    2) introduction to the thick end of an axe handle. as the Pale Rider said, “there’s nothing like a nice piece of hickory.”

    1. Ida Lupine Avatar
      Ida Lupine

      Would that be before or after the American people sit down to a steak dinner? The only revolt we’ll see is when they don’t get their meat on time.

    2. WM Avatar

      “there’s nothing like a nice piece of hickory.”


      And, “…a man just has to know his limitations.”

  5. MAD Avatar

    honestly, the issue is not meat. the issue is power, influence and a certain mindset of demented individuals (politicians, etc)

    I’ve met people, my spouse included, who can’t eat wheat, soy or dairy products. so what do you say to them? sorry – you can’t have meat because some d0uchebag in Idaho, or Montana, or Nevada, or Arizona is exploiting our public lands? that’s NOT the answer. the answer is to aggressively go after the violators and those that pervert the system. Not that the system is perfect mind you…

  6. Chuck Avatar

    Here are two options for Mr Bundy, remove your cattle now are let local officials issue cow tags so hunters can go kill them.

  7. Brant Ra Avatar
    Brant Ra

    But welfare and Obamacare are Ok? Do you eat cow meat??

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
      Ralph Maughan

      Brant Ra,

      I didn’t write the story, but I think your comment is silly enough for a laugh. Personally, I don’t eat beef. Why did you call it “cow meat?” What has Obamacare got to do with illegal grazing? Welfare though has a lot to do with it because Bundy has been extracting welfare from all of us who own the public lands all these years. We own the land, not him. He owes a lot of the admitted paltry grazing fees and he should be made to pay up.

    2. Ken Cole Avatar

      I wrote the story and yes, welfare is okay, but I’d rather have a single payer system than Obamacare.

      And no, I don’t eat that crap.

  8. LoneWolf25 Avatar

    Thank you, Ken, for writing this story and for responding clearly and simply to this silly Obamacare/welfare statement. I agree with you on all accounts and also stopped eating cows and pigs almost four years ago.


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