USDA Wildlife Services issued a statement that doesn’t acknowledge that a child was injured.

The East Idaho News is reporting that a boy and a 3-year-old lab encountered an M-44 cyanide device on a ridge near Pocatello, Idaho on Thursday. The dog was killed by the device and the boy was covered with the cyanide powder but was not seriously injured. The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office responded to the a call from the father who told them of the incident. Deputies who responded determined that the device was placed by USDA Wildlife Services.

On Friday, USDA Wildlife Services issued a statement that didn’t even acknowledge that a child was involved but acknowledged the “unintentional lethal take of a dog in Idaho.”

Read more here Update: Gov’t agency issues statement after family dog killed by ‘cyanide bomb’ – East Idaho News

The Idaho Statesman has published another article here Wildlife Services acknowledges dog’s accidental death by cyanide | Idaho Statesman

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Ken Cole, Western Watersheds Project’s Idaho Director, is a 5th generation Idahoan, an avid fly fisherman, wildlife enthusiast, and photographer. He is also serves as a member of the board of directors for Buffalo Field Campaign.

15 Responses to USDA Wildlife Services M-44 Cyanide Device Sprays Boy and Kills Family Dog

  1. avatar Ted Chu says:

    Now if Trump really wants to defund useless programs he could start with Wildlife Services.

    • avatar Larry Keeney says:

      Accolades Ted. Basic problem is that Trump can’t see a useless program because he has no element of empathy. That being absent he only views things through a cloud of dollar signs and self inflation. “So sad”.

  2. avatar Ida Lupine says:

    It’s time these horrible things stopped being used. I’m dismayed at the ‘collateral damage’ attitude too. It doesn’t seem to hinder the government from continuing the irresponsible use of these very dangerous and inhumane poisons.

    • avatar AL says:

      US government doesn’t give a shit about collateral damage….ANYWHERE!

      • avatar Ralph Maughan says:

        AL, that’s often the case I’m afraid, but I think it often does care. However, I agree that Wildlife Services doesn’t. They are a bunch of monomaniacs and kept that way by their ties to public land ranching.

  3. avatar JEFF E says:

    Sheriff Nielsen states he has been a sheriff for 20 years and has never heard of these things, yet they are made right there in Pocatello.
    I think my horseshit meter just pegged out…

    • avatar Nancy says:

      Emailed this article to a friend, who lives part time out here in the west (as do many – second homes/property etc.) and she was horrified to hear about this incident.

      She said they can’t put fertilizers on their lawns back there (in her area of Florida) without putting up signs, notifying the neighbors.

      So how fricken twisted is it that some trapper, loosely (or otherwise?) affiliated with Wildlife Services, can install “death with a tug” devices, so haphazardly?

      “The trapper ***that set those for the federal government*** did show up, we were able to interview him and he has disarmed those that are in that area, and hopefully the rest of the county,” Nielsen said”

      And then this:

      “The Bannock County Sheriff’s Office believes the incident happened on Bureau of Land Management land south of the Mansfield’s property. However, the BLM said Friday the incident did not happen on its land”

      Another sad example of “passing the buck” when it comes to managing wildlife, for the sake of humanity.

      • avatar JEFF E says:

        i think what strikes me even more is that one of the most deadly substances known to man is moving thru Pocatello by the buckets full, has for years and years, and the county Mountey does not have a clue, but the local rag just let everyone in the country know where to come and get some.

        • avatar Mareks Vilkins says:

          if I’m correct then local sheriff in Salmon ID promised to protect the wolf/coyote derby from environmentalists who would like to protest the event.
          It just shows that police is not impartial

  4. avatar Kevin Jamison says:

    With Trump and the Republicans “in charge” expect more of this kind of thing. One just knows he’s going to be “bigly” on the rancher’s team. Any and all exploitation and abuse is Making America Great!

    • avatar LA says:

      This program has been running for years. This is not a trump initiative. He is also getting rid of or cutting back agencies that Obama supported like bureau of land management. This was not a farmer or rancher that put this out. Quit blaming every Obama failing on trump by educating yourself.

    • avatar Pamela Lee says:

      This didn’t start with Trump – use of these devices has been going on for decades – Trump will stop it – it isn’t in anyone’s favor. Trump said he will give states rights back to the states where they belong, just give him a freaking chance – he’s only been in office for a short time and DEMOCRATS could have solved this the past eight years? Why hasn’t this been brought up before??? Because it was your ruler leading it – that’s why

  5. avatar Ralph Maughan says:

    I don’t think this is a matter of presidential politics at all. The Wildlife Services agency operates out of sight of almost everyone. That is how they have protected themselves for generations from public oversight. Presidents think the agency is so minor that they don’t monitor it. I doubt Trump and maybe Obama have never heard of it. In fact, most Secretaries of Agriculture have ignored it even though it is inside the USDA.

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