Western Watersheds Project sued the Arizona Bureau of Land Management today for bringing a long-dead grazing permit back to life and handing it off to a new permittee without any public process. WWP’s press release with a link to the complaint is online here.

After nearly thirty years of no authorized grazing (but plenty of trespass by scofflaw ranchers), huge swaths of the allotment still look like this:

Begging the question that comes to mind about many, many grazing allotments on BLM lands in the West: Why, dear god, WHY?

Because BLM.

See ya in court, Safford Field Office.

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Greta Anderson

Greta Anderson is a plant nerd, a desert rat, and a fan of wildness. She is the Deputy Director of Western Watersheds Project.

4 Responses to Feds Sued for Resuscitating Zombie Grazing Permit, Putting Restoration Efforts at Risk

  1. avatar Dale Houston says:

    BLM has a total disregard for ethical behavior and sad to see how they are jeopardizing our environment when they are suppose to be earths’ protector.

  2. avatar Isabel Cohen says:

    Very sad indeed. What’s wrong with these people? Why are they playing God???

  3. avatar Oakley Taylor says:

    This is what happens when particular people think they are personally owed something and that the public should foot the bill to raise the livestock that they make profit on. This is dispicable! This land is for the public and we as the public, should not be footing the expense for ranchers who feel entitled to ownership of public lands. Shame on all of them!

  4. avatar Gail says:

    Ranchers have elevated themselves to the same (but undeserved) level of police, military, school teachers, etc. And they’ve been moderately successful. Yes, shame on them, but shame on us, too, for being asleep.

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