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About a million nationwide and over a hundred thousand from the Pacific Northwest-

The Pacific Wolf Coalition, composed of  29 wildlife conservation, education and protection organizations in California, Oregon and Washington has issued a news release saying they have submitted “101,416 comments to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today favoring continued wolf protections.”  In […]

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In June of 2013, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposed removing federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection for the gray wolf (Canis lupus, Linnaeus) throughout most of the lower 48 U.S. states, with the exception of the Mexican wolf subspecies (C.l. baileyi)  (78 Fed. Reg. 35,664).  In an article accepted for publication […]

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These are rescheduled hearings due to the government shutdown-

Federal hearings on wolf delisting are underway at four locations this week. They are “make up” hearings because those scheduled for October had to be cancelled when congressional Republicans shut down the federal government.

The first hearing was in Denver yesterday Nov. 19, 2013. It was […]

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After many many complaints, comment period will run until Oct. 28-

Today the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today extended the public comment period until October 28 on two proposed rules to remove the gray wolf (Canis lupus) from the List of Threatened and Endangered Species, while maintaining protection and expanding recovery efforts for the […]

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Big pile of dead sheep in remote Idaho mountains-

While uncommon, this sort of thing has happened before in Eastern Idaho/Western Wyoming.  It’s not a pretty picture.  One hundred seventy-six sheep lie dead below a rocky slope near Fogg Hill, […]

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New York Times and others condemn Agency actions. Wolf delisting temporarily halts-

Before a species can be removed from the endangered or threatened species list a panel of qualified scientists  (“peers”) need to review the proposal to see if a delisting as proposed is justified — will not result in the species becoming in need […]

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After the California Wolf Center posted a YouTube video of a phone interview with Dr. John Vucetich, who was blacklisted from being part of the peer review because he signed a letter that opposed the nationwide delisting of wolves, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has halted the selection of peer […]

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Washington D.C. At the federal level, there appears to be more crude, heavy-handed politics in the delisting of the gray wolf.

Three prominent scientists, experts on wolves, were just cut from the committee at the insistence of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service because they signed a letter with 13 other wolf scientists expressing […]

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Below are links to a very large number of stories on the wolf delisting. The list was compiled by Rod Klavins. Numerous people sent them to him.

TRCP Press Release: Wolf Delisting a ‘Conservation Success Story’ Drovers Cattle Network: NCBA, PLC call for full delisting of wolves nationwide USFWS: What States are […]

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Or does anyone really believe the wolf was delisted on the “best available science?”

Species are supposed to be delisted based on the “best available science”.  The recent controversy over the wolf’s delisting from the endangered species list is not just a flare up over competing values — wolves, love them or hate them.

An […]

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