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Wolf from Park’s most remote pack ends up near Pine Ridge, South Dakota-

The third wolf from the Yellowstone Park area over the years to disperse all the way to South Dakota has been found dead.  The big male wolf was hit by an auto along U.S. Highway 18.  Over the last decade two other […]

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Tracks and remains of prey found-

The search for the four wolf-like animals spotted from the air in northeastern Utah has not found the animals, but it has found five pair of tracks.  In addition remains of several wild animals possibly fed on and maybe killed by the canids, have been found. These dead wildlife […]

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Famous wolf’s inability to find a mate in California is not surprising-

The West’s currently best known wolf, named “Journey” in a contest held by conservation groups, did not find a mate in California. Now mating season is over. The wolf, officially OR(7), has returned to SW Oregon, although his lack of a mate is […]

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Big pile of stories grows on the wolf now named “Journey”-

Time Magazine is one of the latest to do a feature on this story, one that has pleased and gladdened many and no doubt irritated those who see nothing good about the spread of the wolf.  Continue Reading

Several recent discussions on The Wildlife News have focused on trends in wolf depredations (i.e. killing of domestic animals), and pondered what they mean for the future of wolves’ management.  The notion that per capita depredations (i.e. depredations per wolf) should increase with time is implicit in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (FWS) 2009 […]

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Wolf is stealthy, but trail camera probably took his picture last fall-

On Nov. 14, an Oregon deer hunter’s trail camera probably took the only photo of famous wolf OR7 in the wild. Since then the wolf has moved into northern California.

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Some hope he meets a female or goes to California. For now his travels have ended, and he is little seen-

Over the last last 3-4 months wolf OR7, a young adult disperser from NE Oregon’s Imnaha Pack, has captured the imagination of the many as he has wandered diagonally with many loops and turns […]

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A wolf, formerly of the Imnaha Pack in northeast Oregon, has traveled to the Cascade Mountains in Douglas County. While it is not unusual for wolves to disperse very long distances it is the first time that a wolf has been confirmed in southeast Oregon since 1946 when the last Oregon wolf was killed. I […]

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An Imnaha Pack disperser moved through the forested area of Harney County, going in a straight line-

As I suggested the demise or near demise of the Imnaha Pack is not necessarily a really bad thing for the reoccupation of Oregon by wolves. A number of them have dispersed; more keep getting discovered. The dispersing […]

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Pack has declined from 16 to 4, with 2 on death row-

The execution of two members of the Imnaha Pack has been stayed by the Oregon Court of Appeals. They wolves might yet be put to death. With just 2 wolves remaining after that the Imnaha Pack would very likely disappear, especially because one […]

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~ Edward Abbey