From the daily archives: Monday, September 18, 2006

Today Ed Bangs sent out a list of recent Idaho wolf-caused “depredations” Here is what he wrote.

“On the 10th, ID WS confirmed that wolves from the Timberline/Wangdoodle Pack killed 1 ewe on a Boise National Forest grazing allotment on Rock Creek, north of Idaho City. Another ewe and a guard dog had also been killed, but decomposed to the point that a cause of death could not be determined. Traps were set with the intention of lethally removing 2 wolves. WS removed one wolf on Sept. 11 and another on Sept. 13. This control action is terminated unless additional confirmed depredation occurs.

On the 10th, ID WS confirmed that wolves killed 6 sheep and injured another 5 on private land near Crystal Butte, North of St. Anthony. The Bishop Mountain Pack may be responsible. Traps have been set with the intention of collaring and releasing a wolf and lethally removing up to 2 wolves.

On the 11th, ID WS confirmed that members of the Gold Fork Pack killed 5 ewes on a Payette National Forest Grazing Allotment East of Donnelly, ID. Traps have been set with the intention of lethally removing 2 un-collared wolves, however, if B-130 is captured, she will be recollared and released.

On the 13th, ID WS confirmed that members of the Lick Creek Pack killed 9 ewes near Bear Saddle on Rapid River. IDGF authorized the removal of up to 5 un-collared wolves. WS anticipates using a helicopter next week to perform this control action. During the past 3 weeks, WS has confirmed 43 sheep killed by this pack, and the producer is still missing more than 100 sheep that are presumed dead.

On the 13th, ID WS lethally removed a juvenile, gray, female wolf from a Boise National Forest allotment North of Idaho City. This action concludes this control action unless more confirmed depredations occur.

On the 14th, ID WS confirmed another 5 ewes killed on Lava Ridge. Traps have been set to collar and release a wolf, and to remove one wolf. It is speculated that there are only 2-3 wolves involved in the depredation.”

I should add that wildfires have been burning in the home ranges of many of these wolf packs, and they might have been displaced onto the sheep because the elk fled the fires. When the countryside is on fire why aren’t the sheep ordered home to make way for wildlife.

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