Here’s an ironic one from Wild Idaho News – 

Otter halts IDFG deer kill on Jones’ elk ranch

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter on Thursday questioned the Idaho Department of Fish and Game practice of euthanizing wild game that has come into contact with domestic elk, halting an operation on an elk ranch near Blackfoot.

“After reviewing the situation on Thursday the governor directed that all options short of lethal control be considered carefully before any animals are killed,” Otter spokesman Mark Warbis said. “His preference is to explore every other option that preserves the wildlife.”   [more…]

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3 Responses to Otter halts IDFG deer kill on Jones’ elk ranch

  1. Tim Z. says:

    Otter wants to preserve wildlife. This guy has to be the biggest hypocrite on earth. Does illegally draining wetlands ring a bell Butch?

  2. John says:

    So your saying you want the deer and other wildlife shot? Whats wrong with trying other things first?

  3. Tim Z. says:

    Not saying that at all. I’m saying when it comes to conservation and wildlife Otter is the last person I want to see involved in any way. If he and the other politicians in this state really wanted to do something for conservation and wildlife they would shut all those places down.


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