From the daily archives: Monday, March 19, 2007

The Bush administration ran a systematic campaign to play down the dangers of climate change, demanding hundreds of politically motivated changes to scientific reports and muzzling a pre-eminent expert on global warming, Congress was told yesterday.

Read the rest in The Guardian. March 20. “Bush Appointees ‘watered down’ Greenhouse Science.” By […]

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The Blue Ribbon Coalition is not one of my favorite groups because of their uncompromising stance in favor of recreational motor vehicles. They also try to get me fired every so often.

I do get their alerts to their members, however. Here is one very relevant to those who care about the Bridger-Teton National Forest, […]

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Here is the Buffalo Field Campaign’s news release on the big congressional hearings on Yellowstone bison management to be held Tuesday, March. 20.

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For immediate release, Monday, March 19, 2007
Contact: Mike Mease 406-646-0070 or Stephany Seay 406-848-2130

WASHINGTON, D.C. On Tuesday, at the request of the Subcommittee on […]

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Here’s another elk herd in wolf country that is deemed too populous — Wyoming’s Fall Creek herd (just south and SW of Jackson)

On the other hand, there are too few mule deer in the Wyoming Range, especially the buck to doe ratio. Wolves are not tolerated in the Wyoming Range (too far south WY […]

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My, but the bison hearing set in Washington for tomorrow is already having positive results in Montana. What a different a change in the control of a congressional committee can make! Is a bison solution finally in sight after 13 years of slaughter and confinement to the Park?
Story- Deal on bison travel […]

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March 2007


‎"At some point we must draw a line across the ground of our home and our being, drive a spear into the land and say to the bulldozers, earthmovers, government and corporations, “thus far and no further.” If we do not, we shall later feel, instead of pride, the regret of Thoreau, that good but overly-bookish man, who wrote, near the end of his life, “If I repent of anything it is likely to be my good behaviour."

~ Edward Abbey