September 20, 2007

  • This story supports “elkhunter’s” frequent contention and that of my son-in-law who works for the Division in Utah.  Story in the Salt Lake Tribune. By Brent Prettyman.

  • Wardens save bears from fire. AP in the Billings Gazette Related story (due to the comments that have been). Black bear comes to Bozeman.  In fact, the Bozeman paper has about 2 or 3 black bear in town stories every year.

  • This is from the WWP blog. What the story in the WWP blog does not mention, is that the very same thing goes on in Idaho to the harm of wildlife and revenue to the counties that allow it — trophy homes are built on an acreage and should generate a fair amount of property…

  • Money is coming to “rehabilitate” the vast acreage burned by the Murphy fire. Unfortunately, it will not all be native seed and they want to build a lot of “temporary” fences. These temporary fences turn out almost always to be permanent to the detriment of wildlife. Story in the Times News. BLM approves $23M to…

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