August 18, 2008

  • Earlier we had a conversation about the Idaho Conservation League’s decision to cut a deal green-lighting a cobalt mine near Salmon, Idaho.  Details of that deal were promised today (Monday) : Formation Capital and Idaho Conservation League Reach Agreement on Conservation Program – marketwire Mine, environmentalists hail ID cobalt mine deal – Todd Dvorak –…

  • Good news from Germany! Germany hears the call of the wild as wolves return after 200 years. By David Wroe.

  • The trapping season on this rare, probably endangered animal, will continue this winter in Montana, the only state with a season on wolverine. There are only about 500 wolverine in the lower 48 states. The Bush/Kempthorne Interior Department rejected endangered species status based on their highly   questionable legal notion that a species can’t be…

  • “Bigfoot” fails DNA test. Science News Daily. Bits of DNA that were provided to researchers turned out to be a little bit of human DNA and 96% opossum. This story about the bigfoot remains, supposedly discovered in Georgia, was posted to our long-running thread, “Bear or Bigfoot.“

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