December 31, 2008

  • Every well pad disrupts from 5 to 20 acres- Leaking gas is a potent climate changer. Disrupted soil does not sequester carbon. Native vegetation at the well site is almost impossible to restore. Coalbed methane wells produce huge amounts of saline (generally unreusuable water). Story by Matthew Brown. Plan approved for gas wells. AP

  • 28-year drift toward “disastrous . . . consensus decision-making” on public lands- “We need Interior decorating.” By Brian Horejsi. Colorado Springs Independent. My view is that consensus decision-making, bargaining over what the rules and law are, destroys respect for the law and makes the country lawless, as we have seen with the Bush Administration where…

  • Most violence over private property and those who try to enforce the law- This is according to USA Today. By Emily Bazar.

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