February 2, 2009

  • Yellow star thistle, knapweed to do likewise- On the plus side, it will get too hot for cheatgrass in some places, but it may be replaced by another invasive — red brome. Cheatgrass will migrate with climate change. LA Times.

  • Paleontology provisions threaten bill- This is a big surprise. Because the House leadership wants to pass the bill under suspension of the rules, it requires a 2/3 majority. If it can’t muster that, it goes to regular order, perhaps pushing the bill’s consideration months into the future.* Folks will recall that the massive measure recently…

  • 20,000 jobs in 90 days for a billion dollars doing what has needed to be done for decades- A proposal from Defenders of Wildlife. * $443 million for removing non-native, invasive species and restoring native habitat: 5,644 jobs * $243 million for dramatically improving the energy efficiency of existing facilities: 5,103 jobs * $201 million…

  • The folks in Harry Reid’s hometown are not thrilled about plans for wind turbine development- An interesting story from basinandrangewatch.org. Government Scoping Meeting: Residents React to Industrial Wind Farm Proposal. By LMC Searchlight, Nevada area map.

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