April 16, 2009

  • This morning arguments were heard in federal court concerning a Justice Department’s motion to split up WWP’s giant (over 25 million acre) BLM lawsuit into several district courts rather than to have one judge hear the case. Lawyers ask judge to split sweeping grazing suit – Todd Dvorak, Associated Press Laird Lucas, WWP’s lawyer and…

  • “It correctly constructs in the public eye the clash of values we are experiencing” Rocky Barker interviews Jon Marvel (my boss) of Western Watersheds Project about the recent bill SB 1175 which requires the IDFG to kill bighorn sheep that enter domestic sheep grazing allotments. “The legislature is creating a trap for ranchers and the…

  • Consumers of “health supplement” may be at risk, study says- Protein linked to wasting disease found in elk antler velvet.  Consumers of health supplement may be at risk, study says.  By Hanneke Brooymans. The Edmonton Journal.

  • Dept. of Interior is usually quite unrepresentative of the country, but this is extraordinary- ‘Colorado cabal’ takes Interior’s reins. By NOELLE STRAUB. New York Times. Still, I’d say its better than the industry-minded bunch Dirk Kempthorne brought in Idaho.

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