April 17, 2009

  • I’ve found that it’s fashionable among environmentally sympathetic folk in private gatherings to spark up conversation about the the publicly unspeakable “greatest threat” to the natural world : Overpopulation.   Inevitable, right ?.. trends suggest otherwise. More people means more consumption, right ? not necessarily. Biggest environmental threat, right ?.. turns out, no.  Fred Pearce…

  • First confirmed loss of livestock in Oregon has livestock association upset- Although no wolf packs are confirmed yet in Oregon, it looks like at least one is present despite years of reports and illegal shootings of lone wolves. The usual suspects are agitating for the removal of these wolves. Wolves kill 23 lambs on Oregon…

  • Why Fish and Game Agencies Can’t Manage Predators George Wuerther writes an insightful piece about Fish & Game departments failure to manage predator species like other wildlife across the country. The War on Predators – Counterpunch

  • Grizzlies are expanding their range due to the death of whitebark pine and they increasingly get shot- Researchers blame grizzly deaths on hunters, climate change. By Matthew Brown. Associated Press Fortunately the evidence seems to be that their population around Yellowstone is still growing.

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