June 5, 2009

  • Conflict of interest results in suppressed study ? Note: a more robust story than initially has been linked to below Marie Bulgin is Coordinator of the University of Idaho’s Caine Veterinary Teaching and Research Center, a prominent research facility that has investigated potential links between domestic sheep disease and bighorn die-offs. At the same time…

  • Article below is about a mudflow near Ketchum, orginating from the Castle Rock Fire area, but there a numerous slides around southern Idaho- June is often a fairly wet month in Idaho, which is mostly an arid or semi-arid state. The end of May and continuing into June has brought a lot of precipitation into…

  • Didymo, a disgusting slime on the rocks, is now in the South Fork of the Boise River- Invasive algae confirmed in South Fork of Boise River. Add didymo, aka rock snot, to the list of creepy stuff that we don’t want to spread in Idaho’s waters. By Roger Phillips. Idaho Statesman.

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