August 24, 2009

  • 25 “problem” bears have been killed this year, but to little apparent effect- Colorado wildlife experts get aggressive going after smart bears Aggressive tactics weighed to control nuisance bruins By Bruce Finley The Denver Post Bear tags have also been increased by 75%. This, however, seems to target bears that are not nuisances. Time to…

  • 24,000 more acres won’t be leased- This is on top of the near million acres in the Wyoming Range, Salt River Range, and Commissary Ridge recently withdrawn from leasing by Congress in the Omnibus Public Lands Act. BLM cuts energy leasing in Wyoming Range. By Cory Hatch, Jackson Hole Daily.

  • Cattle are similar to people. Many don’t thrive at high altitude. A large number even die from high altitude pulmonary edema- The article below is about attempts to breed altitude resistant cattle. I’d rather see “slow elk” off  the mountain meadows at 8500 feet or higher. Cattle focus of high-altitude research in NM. By Melanie…

  • Discuss what you want-

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