September 1, 2009

  • Side-effects of policies are often the most interesting- So the hunt is underway in part of Idaho. All of Idaho will be added in a month. Meanwhile Montana will begin a hunt. Most people will focus on whether somebody got a wolf, where, how?  There will be pleasure and outrage. Some basic statistics will be…

  • This would be the first “control” of wolves in Oregon. There are only two breeding packs in Oregon, one of them has been implicated in 5 incidents of livestock predation, two wolves are slated to be killed. Kill order placed on Ore. wolves killing livestock Associated Press

  • Photos show what may be first wolf shot in Idaho’s wolf hunt I am guessing this is not the only wolf shot today. Kamiah hunter shoots wolf; may have been first of the season Idaho Statesman

  • Elk outlook is great reading, especially when compared to views that wolves have killed most of the elk in Idaho, WY, and MT- Elk hunters and all wildlife enthusiasts will find this fascinating reading for all the states and provinces. 2009 Elk Hunting Forecast.By Jack Ballard. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. For the 3 western states…

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