December 11, 2009

  • It caused earthquakes! Geothermal Project in California Is Shut Down. By James Glanz. New York Times. The person who emailed this story to me wrote, “Boy – If you’ve ever read a geothermal EA to destroy the nearest hot springs  – BLM never says anything about the earthquakes …” – – – – – I…

  • A fine essay from the blog “Wild Muse”- When other web sites link to this one, I can see it in the statistics page (accessible to the blog’s editors). I noticed Wild Muse (not to be confused with our frequent commenter “Wilderness Muse”) had linked to a story. I followed it back and found this…

  • This is much better (on paper) than other biofuels or hydrogen gas- This is an amazing development. Hopefully it won’t be difficult to move it from the lab to sources of carbon dioxide gas such as coal, oil and natural gas fired power plants. Bacteria Engineered to Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Liquid Fuel. ScienceDaily

  • This is for open discussion.

  • Gold deposit discovered on ridge visible from Glacier in the North Fork Flathead River- First it was coal mining, then coal bed methane, now gold; and all the pollution runs into the United States. Canadian company claims rich gold find north of Glacier National Park, raising concerns. By Michael Jamison. Missoulian

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