March 1, 2010

  • Fake outrage over memo on national monuments being used to gin up grab of our public lands- I’ve been meaning to write something about this because it is as plain as day that they are up to this. However, RLMiller did it first on the Daily Kos, so here it is. Return of the Sagebrush…

  • Wolves are at the “top of their game” for only about a quarter of their life- Wolves Lose Their Predatory Edge In Mid-life, Study Shows. Trent Consultants News. ASMSU Exponent. Cougar are much better evolved for predation than wolves.

  • Polar bears are a geologically very new species- This is quite relevant because we have been discussing how grizzly bears are displacing polar bears in the Arctic.  We already knew brown bears were polar bears’ ancestors. Ancient DNA from Rare Fossil Reveals That Polar Bears Evolved Recently and Adapted Quickly. Science Daily.

  • Secret marijuana farms are bigger, more numerous and more sophisticated- It amazes me that it is still illegal, and this is the ever worsening result on our public lands.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the drug cartels are illegally lobbying members of Congress (bribe) to keep it illegal so to maintain profits. There has to…

  • Note that this replaces the Third edition. That edition can be found slowly moving down into the “bowels” of the blog. Please don’t post entire articles here, just the link, title and your comments about the article. It violates copyright law.

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