May 29, 2010

  • Bob Abbey, BLM director is taking over Minerals Management Service. RL Miller looks at Abbey’s past in the revolving door- Mr. Abbey Goes to Washington, Cleans Up MMS. Or Not. By RL Miller. Daily Kos. Is a man who hasn’t reformed the BLM the one who will reform MMS?

  • One bottleneck is crucial to the continuation of the many thousand year seasonal migration from Jackson Hole to the Red Desert- We haven’t discussed this for a couple years. There is an especially good article on Trapper’s Point constriction in The Trappers’ Point Antelope Trail – A Precarious Wildlife Corridor. By Emilene Ostlind. Wyofile.

  • Do you have ideas? Yellowstone National Park is doing an environmental assessment and thinking of ways to improve the historic entrance to Yellowstone Park— “An environmental assessment will be prepared in coming months, looking at subjects including vehicle circulation, congestion, and parking; pedestrian safety; signage, and vegetation challenges; all while preserving the historic nature of…

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