BP oil spill could spread to Atlantic Ocean

As the slick is posed to hit western Florida coast, a model predicts a much wider spread-

BP oil spill could spread to Atlantic Ocean. Christian Science Monitor.

This comes amid predictions that the gusher won’t be stopped until relief wells intersect the oil reservoir in August.  Even then, relief wells sometimes fail to work.

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Update  June 4. BP finally captures some oil from leaking well. MSNBC
Update June 4.
Scientists Warn Oil May Spread Up Atlantic Coast (good graphics and video). AP/Huffington Post






  1. JimT Avatar

    They are trying to hit an 18 inch wide pipe with another 18 inch pipe from miles away with the relief well. If you listen to Browner and others, they are being very careful NOT to say this will absolutely work. It is the best amongst bad alternatives. I thought Valdez was the worst oil related disaster that could happen in my lifetime. BP sure showed me how stupid that assumption was.

    I am suspecting as I type that corporate lawyers for BP are discussing bankruptcy as a way of avoiding liability. I am hoping someone in the Justice Department is as cynical as BP is, and is lining up some strategy to prevent that from happening, or figure out someway to seize assets to pay for this mess for the decades to come. Hell, nationalize the damn wells BP owns…If Valdez is any indication, this legal fight will last for at least a decade. The first battle will be among the leaseholders and subcontractors for who pays what shares, and the longer that goes on, the longer all of them can drill baby drill. Then, once that is straightened out, it will be time to seek compensation from the liable party or parties. In the meantime, the damage will be done, ecosystems killed, lives ruined. j

    I can tell you one thing. If you eat oysters, better start looking for Washington State oysters, and be prepared to pay quadruple the price.


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