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Conservationists have been raising the alarm for years about the declining grizzly bear population in Alberta.
Alberta grizzlies listed as threatened.
The Associated Press

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7 Responses to Alberta grizzlies listed as threatened

  1. avatar Rusty says:


  2. avatar Cody Coyote says:

    I was surprised to learn from my retired ecologist neighbor that Alberta and British Columbia have fewer Grizzlies than the Yellowstone ecosystem.


  3. avatar Cody Coyote says:

    Correction: I meant to say just Alberta. Not B.C. Me no thinkum well this morning till coffee kicks in.

  4. avatar Jon Way says:

    cody coyote,
    great slogan posted next to your name!

  5. avatar cc says:

    If I recall correctly, Canada does not even have any endangered species laws. The just have an endangered species list with no legal or political clout.

    • avatar Save bears says:

      Actually they have an endangered species commission, that does have the power of law behind them to prosecute offenders of those laws.

    • avatar cc says:

      Thanks for the correction. I’m way out of date, as they passed a Species at Risk Act in 2002.


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