August 27, 2010

  • Rocky Mountains Elk Foundation’s CEO David Allen’s annoying hysteria about wolves causing the “biggest wildlife management disaster since the 19 Century buffalo slaughter” is discredited- 2010 Big Game hunting forecast. By Christine Peterson. Casper Star-Tribune staff writer Posted at the trib: Thursday, August 26

  • Giant oil machinery on U.S. Highway 12 not the only such issue in the northern rockies- Folks will recognize that Cody Coyote has posted a number of comments here about this Montana and by geography, Wyoming, issue. Now there is a full length article. Montana’s Plan to Haul Gold on the Chief Joe Highway Riles…

  • My personal opinion is that moderate groups could sit down and work out a new wolf delisting plan. Of course, this would require the state governments to change their wolf management plans if they want to participate in wolf management. Unfortunately, state politicians are probably not among moderates, especially with an election coming up. Questions…

  • Decision to remove took decades. Decades more before salmon runs will be restored- Despite these “minor” delays, this is a bit of very good news. Contract to remove Elwha dams goes to Montana firm. By Lynda V. Mapes. Seattle Times staff reporter

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