Poll Finds Strong Public Support for ESA… and Wolves

With all of the vitriol surrounding wolves in the Northern Rockies you would think that more and more people are opposed to wolf recovery and the Endangered Species Act. Not so fast according to a recent poll which found that Americans strongly support the Endangered Species Act and wolf recovery.  They also feel that scientists, rather than politicians should manage wildlife.

Endangered Species Act Summary

Poll Finds Strong Public Support for ESA… and Wolves.
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  1. Barbara Bussell Avatar
    Barbara Bussell

    The Northern Rocky Mountains States Senators are trying to get the Wolves de-listed from the Endangered Spieces Act. They are trying every thing in the book to get them killed.

    1. Mooseboy Avatar

      This is because the majority of those Northern Rocky Mountains States Senators make decisions based on fear, paranoia, and ignorance.

      Take for example Utah, there are no wolves in the state but the Senators talk and act like the state(I live here and deal with these nuts) is overun with them.

      1. Phil Avatar

        Mooseboy: Not only Utah, but look as far south as Texas.

  2. Brian Ertz Avatar

    polls such as this are important … they demonstrate the extent to which anti-wolf sentiment is over-reported and over-generalized. the fact that this has such an affect on policy also demonstrates the extent to which the interests responsible for such anti-wolf sentiment are over-represented politically –

    1. JEFF E Avatar
      JEFF E

      which is fueled by the livestock industry

  3. Phil Avatar

    The one thing that is pretty shocking is the percentage of peopl who believe scienc should prevail over politics on removal of protection from the Endangered Species Act (63%). I would have thought it would have been higher then that. But, if you look at the percentage (92%) of how wildlife should be managed and which animals need protecton, this shows that americans are not stupid and do not follow the garbage portrayed by the anti-wolf people. The approval of the gray wolf and its base on american soil (87%) is 9% higher then it was on different poll posted a couple years ago.

    I wonder what the ranchers, NRM government officials and the anti-wolf hunters think of this? Probably nothing?

    1. jon Avatar

      Bruce Hemming said on tester’s fb page that 83% of americans support killing of wolves. Do these idiots just make up their own shit and pass it off as the truth? Seems like it.

      1. Phil Avatar

        jon: Bruce has been saying that (with the exact numbers) for almost three years now. But, in his eyes, anyone who is for wolves is “anti-american” and a “Neo-Nazi”. Basically, if you don’t believe in his beliefs you are not american.

      2. william huard Avatar
        william huard

        The toothless wonder doesn’t care about facts. Hey, he has his hands full just to shower on a weekly basis, maybe monthly by the look of him

  4. jburnham Avatar

    The poll questions look legit. In fact, question 3 is as good a summation of the current NRM wolf controversy as I’ve seen anywhere.

    Some members of Congress are proposing legislation to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act’s protections. Which of the following points of view is closest to your own?
    Some/others say the gray wolf isn’t endangered anymore and protection under the endangered species act is no longer needed. They say that since environmentalists’ lawsuits and the federal courts are interfering with sound wolf management, the Congress has no choice but to turn wolf management decisions over to the states. In
    this view it is believed states are better equipped than the federal government to manage their own wildlife, and wolf numbers are now high enough to sustain a hunt.
    Some/others say that decisions about whether to remove the Endangered Species Act’s protections should be based on science, not politics. Gray wolves should continue to receive federal protection until they are fully recovered and the states have
    implemented effective, science-based management plans that will protect gray wolves at sustainable levels for generations to come.

  5. fenriswolfr Avatar

    Surveys are cute but can easily show the opinion one wants them to show, simply by changing the questions.
    I bet someone could create a survey that showed 90% of americans were in favor of killing wolves.

  6. Nancy Avatar

    But then you have to wonder could there have been a c. to this question –
    Some/others feel the gray wolf has as much of right to be here as any other species and when will the “parties involved” start acting like grownups and realize there’s little left when it comes to true wilderness areas in this country and wildlife (predators & prey) have been pushed around (and worse, continuely exterminated) for over a 100 years to satisfy what amounts to a mere fraction of the total livestock producers in this country?

  7. JimT Avatar

    This is all well and good, but unless it translates into ACTION by these folks, pressure on elected officials of all stripes, the extremists will carry forth with this travesty. Early reports are the WH and Congress are negotiating another three week CR….

  8. JimT Avatar


    An article on the renewal of the Sagebrush Rebellion and links to other articles…