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What Good are Wolves?

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With the arrival of the first wolf in California since the 1920s, no doubt the California Department of Game and Fish is receiving many comments from the public. The quality of this support, opposition and advice probably varies all over the map (the maps in our heads).

Norman Bishop, who played a key role as […]

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Update. Famous wolf has now crossed into California.
Story. Wolf is now in California. AP

After migrating across Oregon, but pausing for about a month south of Crater Lake N. P., wolf OR7 has begun to move southward again. He is now just 10 […]

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Wolf population grows slowly in Oregon

Despite a moderate amount of what is euphemistically called “wolf control” in Oregon this year, the wolf population grew a bit with a count of 25 wolves at year’s end. It was 24 until a few days ago when a new pup (now about 7 months old) was […]

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122 killed in Montana; 195 in Idaho-

Two more areas in Montana have meet its wolf quota and will close Dec. 29. Areas 101 and 110 in NW Montana will close. In total 122 wolves have been killed in Montana. The Montana statewide quota is 220.  Recently the state game commission extended the wolf hunt […]

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In May of this year, the US Fish and Wildlife Service proposed creating a Distinct Population Segment (or “DPS”) of wolves in the Great Lakes Region, and removing wolves in this DPS from federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections (76 Fed. Reg 26086).  The “delisting” of wolves in the Great Lakes was recently discussed […]

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New Hampshire Fish and Game trying to document them after 4 kittens found–

Sightings have been increasing and New Hampshire Fish and Game is fundraising so it will have money to create a conservation plan for lynx.

Story. WMUR Television.

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Dr. William Ripple and colleague issue report that sees Park ecology improved in almost all ways-

Many of the people supporting wolf restoration to Yellowstone Park and the Rocky Mountains did so mostly on the basis of the favorable ecological changes expected, not because they were particularly enchanted with wolves. The article by Drs. Ripple […]

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Bullet that killed his friend first passed through the grizzly bear-

In mid-September there was a week long story about two black bear hunters from Nevada who accidentally shot a grizzly bear almost exactly on the Idaho/Montana border, not far south of British Columbia.  […]

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Massive success brings Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin wolf population far above Idaho, Montana and Wyoming-

It certainly is time to delist the wolves of the Great Lakes.  Their populations are secure. They have a huge prey base, and as we have seen from the Idaho and Montana hunting seasons, even abusive hunts do not wipe out […]

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Some hope he meets a female or goes to California. For now his travels have ended, and he is little seen-

Over the last last 3-4 months wolf OR7, a young adult disperser from NE Oregon’s Imnaha Pack, has captured the imagination of the many as he has wandered diagonally with many loops and turns […]

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December 2011


‎"At some point we must draw a line across the ground of our home and our being, drive a spear into the land and say to the bulldozers, earthmovers, government and corporations, “thus far and no further.” If we do not, we shall later feel, instead of pride, the regret of Thoreau, that good but overly-bookish man, who wrote, near the end of his life, “If I repent of anything it is likely to be my good behaviour."

~ Edward Abbey