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Move makes Montana’s wolverine season doubly dead-

In a surprise move last Monday (Jan. 7),  the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced that on Jan. 18 it would issue a proposed rule protecting wolverines under the Endangered Species Act. This probably means it will be proposed as a threatened species instead of its current […]

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Montana Dept of Fish, Wildlife and Parks maintains wolverine trapping.

At their August 2, 2012 Commission meeting, the Montana Dept of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MDFWP) commissioners voted to continue trapping wolverine, despite a petition from eight environmental groups and one individual George Wuerthner (me) to halt trapping. The groups– which included Friends of the […]

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Reliable spring time snow appears to be vital for wolverine kits to survive-

Wolverines are legendary for traveling huge distances and eating just about anything.  However, a study in the recent Journal of Mammology shows that this is hardly true when it comes to baby wolverine and their mothers.

Wolverine females den in the snow […]

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Tracks of a male found in the rugged mountain wilderness-

Although it might just be passing through, this is a first for this mountain fastness.

Last summer, my spouse (Jackie) staffed a fire tower on the edge of the Eagle Cap Wilderness, which covers much of the mountain range.

The creation of the vast Eagle […]

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Status Review is a result of a lawsuit

Wolverines are very rare in the Lower 48 but there have been a few notable confirmations of them in Colorado where there is one being tracked by a gps collar and another in California which has been photographed with a remote camera for three consecutive years. They […]

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How did a (probable) Idaho wolverine end up in the Sierra of California?

Lone, lovelorn wolverine baffles scientists. By Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer

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Rare observation and photo near the top of Idaho’s second highest mountain range-

Hikers see solitary member of the weasel family on east side of range. By Jason Kauffman. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer.

The wolverine was near the top of one of the canyons in the distance.
Photo copyright © Ralph […]

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Wolverines on the move.

On June 29, 2009 By

Colorado and Washington State see wolverines in new places.

In recent years wolverines have been seen in places where they were not expected. Is this because people are looking for them or are they expanding their range? One wolverine in an isolated location does not mean that there is a sustainable population. There have been […]

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Earth Justice scores a victory for the wolverine and the Endangered Species Act-

Administration’s new, cramped view of the ESA that a species doesn’t need protection in the United States even though its population is very low and declining if there are some in Canada, Mexico, or wherever.

Agency to reconsider wolverine status. By […]

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Two sightings of the same wolverine in the same area a year apart.

There are very few wolverines in Idaho but they have been known to travel very long distances across fairly diverse landscapes.

Study: Wolverine in Sierra most likely from Idaho
The Associated Press

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