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William D. White, plead guilty to numerous charges relating to poaching several animals and two wolves from Washington’s first documented wolf pack in decades. The wolves were members of the Lookout pack which came from British Columbia on their own to live near Twisp, Washington which is outside of the Northern Rockies DPS. These wolves […]

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the many wolf advocacy groups who held that Congressman Mike Simpson’s and Senator Jon Tester’s budget rider, which delisted wolves in Idaho, Montana, and parts of Oregon, Washington, and Utah, was unconstitutional.  The panel of judges upheld Judge Donald Mollloy’s ruling that the rider was constitutional.


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Fifteen breeding pairs with a required minimum in three regions of the state will be required-

Olympia, WA. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission has finally given official approval to a state wolf plan. Before state (this is not a federal) delisting is met there are supposed to be 15 breeding pairs of wolves, not […]

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Will either side win the hearing?

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will discuss the proposed state wolf plan and hold a public hearing. The state plan calls for 15 breeding pairs of wolves in the state for 3 years running before a state delisting can happen. About 2/3 of the land area in Washington […]

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Lookout Pack has disappeared, but now there are 4 other packs in state-

Argument over wolves gets heated though wolves are rarely seen and seem to have no perceptible effects-

Wolfpacks of North Cascades [Washington], though elusive, very divisive. By Gary Chittim. King 5 News

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The new Teanaway Pack is in the Che Elum area of the Cascade Mountains about an hour’s drive from Seattle. Its discovery could bring the number of WA state wolves to as many as 25. The other packs are the Lookout Pack in Okanogan County, and the Salmo and Diamond Packs in Pend Oreille (PONDER […]

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It’s been more than two years since the killing took place of two wolves from the Lookout Pack in Washington state near Twisp.  Charges have now been filed against three people who federal agents say are responsible.  These wolves came from British Columbia and were fully protected by the Endangered Species Act.  They were also […]

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It’s pretty good — 15 wolf packs is the goal-

The release of the new plan came after huge public input — almost 70,000 comments and 19 public meetings around the state.

Story: State releases revised gray-wolf plan. By K.C. Mehaffey. The Wenatchee World published in the Seattle Times.

The crazies, having […]

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Washington Fish and Wildlife Department is firm that wolves remain protected under state law in all of the state-

Wolves are federally delisted in much of Eastern Washington now, but the state’s own endangered species act protects them all throughout the state. Officials recently reminded folks.

The state only has a half dozen to a […]

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State won’t say from which pack

This is bad news for Washington’s small wolf population but it sounds like the the case of a previous poaching incident from 2009 is still open and progressing. We’ve heard rumors that charges may be filed soon in the poaching of wolves from the Lookout Pack in north […]

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