animal migration

  • Not just these animals and birds are being hurt, but we are too- For those who pay attention, there are many stories about increasing blockage of long seasonal migrations by wildlife.  These changes are accompanied by the spread of disease, and the growth of “pest” species which are normally eaten or disrupted by these vast…

  • The cougar was accidentally tracked as it made its way from the Black Hills through mid-West and Canada to end up under the wheels of an SUV in Connecticut- Connecticut Mountain Lion Traveled from South Dakota. The cougar’s 1,100-mile journey is the longest ever recorded. By Michael Dinan. The New Rochelle Patch

  • Migration is dwindling all over the Earth; Wyoming elk are one example- Climate change may favor couch-potato elk. Heading for the hills every spring appears worse than staying put. By Susan Milius. Science News. I have to wonder what the pollution of the Gulf of Mexico will do to the continent spanning bird migrations?

  • Jackson Hole herd is not the only long pronghorn migration- Most people who follow wildlife news the West now know about the epic migration of the the pronghorn in Jackson Hole from summer to winter on desert south of Pinedale, WY and the big squeeze being put on this migration by the gas industry and…

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