• Ranch near Green Ranch which holds quarantined Yellowstone bison. A yearling bison on Ted Turner’s Flying D Ranch has been found to have died from anthrax. The bison is not one of the quarantined Yellowstone bison transferred to Turner but this is nearby Turner’s Green Ranch where the quarantined bison are being held. This concern…

  • Anthrax NW of Yellowstone now killing wildlife. Bozeman Chronicle. By Jessica Mayrer The anthrax that has killed about 250 of Ted Turner’s bison is now killing deer and elk in the area. When I think of this and Montana Department of Livestock’s single-minded focus on brucellosis, it makes me furious. Apparently the anthrax was dormant…

  • More of Turner’s bison die in anthrax outbreak. By The Associated Press

  • 25 Ted Turner Bison Die of Anthrax. By Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette State Bureau ◊ Aug. 5, 2008, update. Anthrax on Turner ranch prompts road closure. By Jessica Mayrer. Bozeman Chronicle staff writer. Montana DOL, so vigilant about brucellosis has finally decided maybe anthrax is a danger to people!

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