Asian Carp

  • Twenty pound Asian carp caught- An Invader, Near the Great Lakes. By Monica Dave. New York Times. ” ‘Asian carp are like cockroaches; when you see one, you know it’s accompanied by many more you don’t see,’ said Henry Henderson, of the Natural Resources Defense Council.”

  • Why doesn’t Wildlife Services get a job killing these rather than our native wildlife? Instead we have the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers doing nothing to stop their spread to the Great Lakes. Why Are Asian Carp So Fearsome? By Karen Rowan. as reported in Yahoo News.

  • This could be very bad news for the Great Lakes The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to allow Michigan’s request to close a lock which would keep Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes. The whole case has not been decided yet so there may still be hope. Court won’t close shipping locks to…

  • These are the fish seen in YouTube videos leaping out of the water when disturbed by boats. Water skiers have been injured by them and they are rapidly taking over waterways in the midwest. Fish and wildlife officials will poison a 6-mile stretch of water near Chicago on Wednesday in a last-ditch effort to keep…

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