• A hundred years ago or so there was a pseudo-science that focused on measurements of the human skull known as phrenology. Phrenology was based on the flawed assumption that skull size was indicative of intelligence. These studies demonstrated and confirmed that men had larger skulls and thus were smarter than women. The only problem was…

  • One of the biggest impacts resulting from logging our forests that is largely ignored by public land management agencies is the contribution that timber harvest makes to Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Increasingly it is clear that the greatest value of our public forests might be to end all thinning/logging and protect them as carbon…

  • Once powerful Idaho timber lobby calls it quits after 75 years- I remember when this interest group held enormous power, rivaling the livestock associations, although they were not rivals, of course. Timber association will disband after 75 years. By Becky Kramer. Spokesman-Review.

  • This may be one of the most cost-effective ways of slowing climate change- I should add, however, that I think we will find that treating areas with other kinds of land cover the right way might prove to be very important too. Protected Forest Areas May Be Critical Strategy for Slowing Climate Change. ScienceDaily

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