Giant Palouse earthworm

  • The saga continues After the rediscovery of living specimens, and I’m sure a threat of litigation, the USFWS is taking another look at whether the giant Palouse earthworm deserves protection. Palouse earthworm gets second look for protection.

  • Court says there is not enough evidence to show that worm is threatened. The recently rediscovered giant Palouse earthworm won’t be given protection because not enough is known about it. Appeals court denies earthworm protection. By NICHOLAS K. GERANIOS – The Associated Press

  • The Giant Palouse Earthworm persists. The significance of this discovery could be pretty great. The earthworm has been the subject of a petition to list it as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act but it was denied protection because too little was known and there hadn’t been a specimen seen for many years.…

  • The giant Palouse earthworm can’t be found—yet it’s dividing the Palouse An interesting article about an earthworm that hasn’t been seen more than 4 times in the last 100 years. The Palouse is a region of Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington which was predominated by prairie but is now predominated by winter wheat and other…

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