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If the story as told in today’s Billings Gazette is accurate, it is amazing what a little fear of wolves will cause a person to do.

A single bark from a wolf is a sound that means it is surprised — startled.  As expert wolf trapper and handler Carter Niemeyer tells it (Niemeyer has crawled […]

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A couple from Bozeman, who were hiking in Yellowstone National Park, successfully fended off a sow grizzly using pepper spray just days before a man was killed by a sow grizzly under similar circumstances.

Bozeman Couple Encounter Bear Days Before Fatal Yellowstone Attack.
NBC Montana

You can read their first hand account of […]

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Spike in unhappy grizzly encounters in Greater Yellowstone could result in bill-

While pepper spray isn’t always the answer in an encounter with a grizzly, most often it is with lots of benefits to humans and bears.

Bear spray bill on the way. Proposal would require permitted backcountry users in griz country to carry […]

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David Smith urges IGBC to change its bear spray campaign slogan to “Carry bear spray and know when to use it.”

Smith urges what might seem to be subtle but very important change in the way the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee educates hunters about bear spray.  However, for 2009 the IGBC is using the same […]

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Hunter shoots a Montana grizzly sow, charging to protect cub. Her death one too many for the year-

The other day I predicted that the mortality limit for the year would be passed. It was unfortunately an easy prediction. About 10% of the grizzly population has died or been killed this year. If this happens […]

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CounterAssault is probably the number one grizzly bear pepper spray, but UDAP spray is very good too (some say better). Mark Matheny, who invented the large “bear size” pepper spray after being mauled and saved by a small can of spray, is claiming the IGBC is promoting CounterAssault in its education materials.

Story: Grizzly […]

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Spray vs. gun bear deterrent debate rages in Montana. By John Cramer, Missoulian.

The other day one of the Montana FWP commissioners was out bird elk hunting, got charged by a grizzly. He had no pepper spray and might have killed the grizzly with his rifle. Since then (and it looks like before too) […]

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~ Edward Abbey