• More reporting about the bighorn/domestic sheep disease study Other than the study itself, this is the first time that I’ve heard Dr. Srikmaran talk about last year’s study which confirms that domestic sheep diseases kill bighorn sheep. “I am not that happy about this finding. Some people’s livelihood depends on domestic sheep,” [But the] “organisms…

  • Another 2010-was-a-deadly-year-for-bighorn story- The culprit is almost entirely pneumonia, and almost all of it, maybe all of it, comes from domestic sheep and goats.  The Western Watersheds Project, and closely related groups like Advocates for the West, are  just about the only organizations that are willing to step forward, tell the truth, and go after…

  • Twenty-one more dead bighorn- Pneumonia persists in Anaconda bighorns. Montana Standard. Seems to me like Western Watersheds Project is about the only private organization doing anything to stop the spread of this disease that is taking such an awful toll.

  • Disease so far seems limited in area- Jackson bighorn sheep herd showing signs of pneumonia. Pinedale Online. From Wyoming Game and Fish

  • Disease Kills NE Utah Bighorn.

  • Four Montana herds, two in Washington plagued by disease- Here is another update on the pneumonia killing  so many bighorn. The article also gives the total estimated bighorn populations of Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Hard times hit area bighorns. By Rich Landers. Spokesman-Review. “The Payette National Forest [in Western Idaho] recently released a draft proposal…

  • Pneumonia in important SW Montana herd spreads- FWP biologists, volunteers cull sick bighorns in East Fork of Bitterroot. By Perry Backus. Ravalli Republic. Damn those domestic sheep! – – – – This story earlier on this blog. Bighorn sheep near Darby, MT dying of pneumonia.

  • Two dead bighorns could be a big threat to East Fork Bitterroot Herd- The article says they have no knowledge that these bighorn encountered domestic sheep, but there are “isolated herds in the area.” Dying bighorn sheep. Herd to be culled. By Perry Backus.  Ravalli Republic This is a large and successful bighorn herd.

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