Ted Turner

  • Privatization of Public Bison On 2/2/10 Montana’s wildlife agency, Fish, Wildlife & Parks (MFWP) announced their decision to send all 88 quarantined Yellowstone bison to the private lands of billionaire Ted Turner. The Yellowstone bison were part of a state-federal Quarantine Feasibility Study, which had the stated goal of placing brucellosis-free bison on public or…

  • Ted Turner gets OK for Yellowstone bison on ranch. By Matthew Brown. Associated Press Writer. Earlier Robert Hoskins had criticized this. Illegal plan just makes Turner richer

  • Robert Hoskins’ op-ed on FWP giving the quarantined bison to Ted Turner- Op-ed in the Casper Star Tribune. Illegal plan just makes Turner richer. By Robert Hoskins

  • 25 Ted Turner Bison Die of Anthrax. By Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette State Bureau ◊ Aug. 5, 2008, update. Anthrax on Turner ranch prompts road closure. By Jessica Mayrer. Bozeman Chronicle staff writer. Montana DOL, so vigilant about brucellosis has finally decided maybe anthrax is a danger to people!

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