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Since the beginning of the Idaho wolf hunting and trapping season I have been keeping a spreadsheet with a running tally of wolf kills. Presently the total stands at 332 dead wolves with 237 taken in the hunt and 95 taken by trapping and snaring. There are three zones that have been closed so far […]

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The Montana FWP Commission has decided not to extend the wolf hunt in the Bitterroot area. While many claim that the elk declines seen there have been due to wolves but a recent study implicates cougars and a quick look at the historic numbers shows that poor hunting management has also contributed to the […]

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Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wants to extend wolf hunt another month, to end of January 2012-

Montana FWP choose a quota of 220 dead wolves statewide (with the various wolf hunting units having quotas too) for the state’s second wolf hunt, which begin Sept. 9, 2011. So far 98 dead wolves have been officially […]

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Quota of three wolves is filled-

Montana wolf hunters have killed the small quota of just 3 wolves immediately north of Yellowstone Park, so the wolf hunt there is now closed. It is subunit 313-316 of wolf management unit 390.

The quota next to the Park was set low because it is bad public relations […]

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Wolf season proposal includes an on-line survey-

We have written a lot about Idaho’s proposed upcoming second wolf hunt, one that will have no statewide quota and a very long season coupled with trapping in northern Idaho.

Here is the detailed information for the Idaho […]

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Unlike Idaho, Montana FWP will set a quota for the state’s wolf hunt-

Today, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission will set the wolf hunt quota for this fall’s hunt at 220 wolves. If met and the underlying assumptions behind the estimate are factually correct, this quota is expected to result in a decline in […]

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Includes trapping season in most of the Panhandle.

Idaho Fish and Game has proposed to set wolf hunting seasons throughout most of the state ranging from August 30, 2011 to March 31, 2012, in 13 wolf management zones. None of the zones – except for the Sawtooth, Southern Mountains, Beaverhead, and Island Park zones – […]

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No quotas (limits) are expected for hunt except along part of the Idaho/Montana border-

Idaho to offer looser wolf hunt rules. By John Miller and Matthew Brown. Associated Press

Ever since Butch Otter became Idaho’s governor, it was clear to me and the […]

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BLM reviewing sheep allotments within 30 miles of bighorn populations.

This is another exposé about the fallout of the Payette bighorn viability decision and the latest science which conclusively shows that domestic sheep diseases kill bighorn sheep. What jumps out at me is the information contained near the bottom of the article which says that […]

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No Montana “conservation hunt” on wolves-

It looks like the USFWS saw through Montana’s notion of having a sport hunt on wolves under the guise of a “conservation hunt”. They said no.

Montana – Permission Denied to Hunt Gray Wolves. Associated Press in the New York Times

Longer version:

Federal officials […]

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