wolf slaughter

  • The Los Angeles Times has picked up the story on the “Killer Bee” Wildlife Services plane. Well, finally the general public can see some sense of what they’d like to keep hidden out in Idaho. Federal use of aerial sharpshooters to kill wolves draws fire,  By Kim Murphy. latimes.com. UPDATE 12/15/2011 HOLD THE PRESSES! After…

  • Is there an explanation for this in the middle of the scheduled wolf hunt? Right in the middle of the wolf hunt and in the zone where there is the highest quota, Wildlife Services took to the air this week in their gunships and blasted away the long-standing Basin Butte Pack at Stanley, Idaho. This…

  • State and feds’ behavior called “outrageous” “unnecessary”– Story: “Montanans, wildlife groups condemn state, feds for wolf pack slaughter.” Missoulian. The coalition (Wildlife Watchers and Big Wildlife) issuing this statement also said the action left many questions unanswered and that the public must be given specific formation about the killing of so many wolves.

  • “Large numbers of hunters reportedly prowled the state’s newly designated wolf predator area in Sublette County Friday, Saturday and Sunday, locals and outfitters said.” The rest of the story is in the Casper Star Tribune. By Chris Merrill. Post-delisting wolf kills begin. Note the role of elk feedgrounds in making it easier to kill wolves.

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