• Biologists seek answers to grizzly bear migration roadblocks- Biologists seek answers to grizzly bear migration roadblocks. By Jim Robbins. New York Times (in the Seattle Times). Interstate 90, which cuts through miles of mountainous country, is a huge barrier to the migration of all large wildlife species. I think remediation is in order.

  • People are said to be largely unaware of the extent of needed protection for wolverine.  WIth snow-machines able to get higher and further up mountainous areas in the winter the human encroachment is increasing.  Here’s one uplifting story about a team studying wolverines in Montana : A husband-and-wife team in Montana studies the elusive wolverine…

  • Researchers Using GPS to Track the Elusive Wolverine at Glacier National Park.  KFBB.com (Great Falls, Montana)

  • The wolverine was thought to be extinct in California. Then a remote sensing camera photographed one and its scat was collected. DNA evidence from the scat analysis says it came from the Rocky Mountains. Did it walk to California? California wolverine came from the Rocky Mountains. By Dylan Darling. Redding.com

  • Government denies protected status for wolverines in mainland U.S. By John Cramer of the Missoulian. From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. . . “Enviros are most worried that the Bushies now appear to be saying they don’t have to protect animals inside U.S. borders if lots of them are living in Canada or Mexico. Defenders of Wildlife…

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