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Oil spill into Montana river raises scrutiny about nation’s pipelines. By Matthew Brown and Garance Burke. Associated Press. It turns out there are many oil pipelines under our rivers, great and small. They are subject to many hazards, and I should add that the House Republicans are busily trying cut the inspection budget.

BLM to check aging oil pipelines on Blackfeet Indian Reservation (Montana) after leak into Cut Bank Creek. Great Falls Tribune.
Utah oil firm says pipeline in Cut Bank oil spill to be removed. Great Falls Tribune. It broke because of shifting ground during spring thaw.

Pipeline Problems: The mess remains one year after Kalamazoo River oil spill. NRDC Switchboard. Henry Henderson’s Blog

Few in U.S. Senate back Keystone XL pipeline. By Joseph Morton. Omaha World Herald. But the crazy House Republicans passed a law urging quick State Department approval.

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