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Do they come much worse than this in U.S. poaching?

Nicholaus Rodgers, an assistant hunting guide, was fond of capturing cougars and bobcats and deliberately injuring them before releasing them. Then he would take hunting clients to the field to make it easy for them to kill the wounded animals. The clients may or may […]

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This is a first-

A young man from Newdale, Idaho (Kenneth Sommer) was hunting black bear in May. His wife was along on this trip to the Rock Creek area near the Cave Falls road. He shot a big male grizzly (illegal) and claimed it was about to attack his wife, a defense we have […]

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Marv Hoyt of Idaho Falls cited for illegally killing 2 elk and wasting the meat-


I must have known Marv Hoyt for over 30 years, and sometimes worked with him on Greater Yellowstone issues. He has always been an avid fly fisher. I knew he hunted too.

He was an early volunteer for the […]

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Rammell loses again

On April 2, 2013 By

Rex Rammell, the former gubernatorial candidate for Idaho who was convicted of poaching an elk in 2010 Tex Creek zone in eastern Idaho when he only had a tag for the Middle Fork zone of central Idaho, has lost the second appeal of his conviction. Rammell’s unsuccessful defense centered around his ignorance of the law […]

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A very happy development?

Drones are in the news a lot all of a sudden. Welcome to the new world where they can help you or kill you.

Poachers of African rhinos, elephants, etc. are often organized in semi-military units and more than a match for Park rangers.  Now in some places, Kenya in the […]

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Someone is using the artificial sweetener, xylitol, to presumably poison wolves in the Wood River Valley. It is unclear whether any wolves or other canines have been poisoned but one dog has died and another has been sickened by eating xylitol laced meatballs placed in the Lake Creek area.

A picture online shows […]

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Six of America’s symbolic bird and four wolves fall to poison in vicinity of the Big Prairie Ranger Station-

Last May six bald eagles and four wolves were found dead in the general area of the Big Prairie Ranger Station inside the Bob Marshall Wilderness of NW Montana. This is far up the South Fork […]

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William, Tom and Erin White of Washington state have all plead guilty for their role in the killing of two wolves from the Lookout Pack, Washington’s first wolf pack in 70 years.

William White, his son and daughter-in-law Tom and Erin White will have to pay fines and be on probation for their parts in […]

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William D. White, plead guilty to numerous charges relating to poaching several animals and two wolves from Washington’s first documented wolf pack in decades. The wolves were members of the Lookout pack which came from British Columbia on their own to live near Twisp, Washington which is outside of the Northern Rockies DPS. These wolves […]

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More effort, DNA analysis thrown into battle-

Poachers love winter when deer, elk and other animals become visible, but in Utah and elsewhere modern science is allowing officials to track even a piece of venison. Utah is also putting more enforcement in the field this winter, and they have reportedly made some significant arrests.

Although […]

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