George Wuerthner and Jonathan Ratner on the Rewilding Earth Podcast

Episode 123: Who Pays for Conservation, Being the Lorax, and Introducing A New Voice For Western Lands Conservation

Join George Wuerthner and Jonathan Ratner in conversation with Jack Humphrey of The Rewilding Institute for a discussion about the direction of conservation in the United States, the shift of American conservation from its roots in biocentrism to its current dominant form of anthropocentrism and what the driving forces of that shift has been.

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  1. Chris Zinda Avatar
    Chris Zinda

    Conservation is as conservation does and it sure ain’t preservation.

    Why are all of you fearful and outright dismissive of discussing the important difference? Conservation sets no sidebar and becomes meaningless.

    It’s sad “leaders” are not leading.

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Jonathan Ratner

Jonathan Ratner has been in the trenches of public lands conservation for nearly 25 years. He started out doing forest carnivore work for the Forest Service, BLM, and the Inter-agency Grizzly Bear Study Team, with some Wilderness Rangering on the Pinedale Ranger District. That work lead him directly to deal with the gross corruption within the federal agencies' range program.

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Jonathan Ratner