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Should NE Washington wolves be transplanted?
B.C. undertakes massive wolf kill to save mountain caribou-

Washington wolf relocation?

Wolves are on their way to recovery in Washington state, but most of it has been in the state’s Eastern Washington recovery region. There is also a significant population in central Washington (North Cascades zone) where the […]

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Recently I received an alert from the Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC) asking me to send a letter to the Montana Dept of Fish, Wildlife and Parks  (MDFWP) requesting a slight reduction in their wolf killing/trapping quota outside of Yellowstone Park. The main rationale of the alert was that wolves were important to the local economy […]

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One wolf per incident may be killed-
Readers: note my addition of an article by Bob Ferris

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The wolf population in Washington State is growing nicely and especially in its NE corner. Residents are not allowed by the state to kill a wolf without a permit. This issue was faced […]

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Efforts by Washington state anti-wolf forces intercepted-

Below is an alert from anti-wolf folks in Washington State. This is an interesting example of the kind of email campaign that is being used by anti-wolf forces in a state where pro-wolf opinion is strong.

Those who support wilderness and wolves and other wildlife might want to […]

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Big public Fish and Wildlife Commission on Friday-
California Advances Wolf to a Candidate Endangered Species-

The killing of the Wedge Pack continues to stir Washington State. Here is a sample of the stories as of a day ago.

OPB Earthfix: Alpha Male Wolf In Wedge Pack Killed, Ending State Hunt Cascadia […]

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What a difference a state can make-

When you leave Idaho for Oregon, it seems like more Idaho for a long distance. The same is true to a lesser extent in Washington State, but this story certainly shows, politically speaking, for the conservation of a controversial endangered species, Olympia is not like Boise, Idaho; Helena, […]

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Washington border wolf pack clearly has become beef eaters-

The controversy over the Wedge wolf pack began in a muddle — what is really going on? Now, however, it is clear they are eating beef, perhaps mostly beef. As a result, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued an order to kill […]

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Have these wolves really killed any livestock at all?

A Washington state rancher near the Canandian border in the territory of the Wedge wolf pack says he has found two more dead calves he thinks were killed by wolves because of the bite marks on their hindquarters. As a result the state indicates they will […]

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One sub-adult female removed from the NE Washington Wedge pack-

Wolf numbers are growing slowly in Washington State as they migrate in from intense persecution in Idaho and down from British Columbia.  Due to topography a fair number end up in NE Washington, though a surprising number have not, contrary to early expectations.  There are […]

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Will wolves thrive in Blue states and disappear in the Red?

Wolves have migrated to Washington State from Idaho and directly from British Columbia.  This is perhaps in part due to the pogrom against them in the adjacent deep red state of Idaho where once there were more than 800 wolves. Now these new Washington […]

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