Five Western Slope Spots Dubbed ‘Too Wild to Drill’

The article is talking about the West Slope of the Rockies in Colorado. However, it is not the gas industry or the BLM who thinks they are too wild to drill.

The places listed are:

– The Roan Plateau
– The Clear Fork Divide
– Grand Mesa Slopes
– Vermillion Basin
– HD Mountains

Article in New West.

Read also: “Report says 100,000 more wells coming . HDs an area Wilderness Society declares shouldn’t be drilled.” Durango Herald.

And to the south in New Mexico. Groups say keep drillers off of Otero Mesa. Alamogordo News.

If anyone wants to email me a photo of any of these places I will be happy to post it. RM






  1. Ken Schreiner Avatar

    Thanks for keeping us up to date here out west.


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