Gravity Abolition and Canned Salmon

Lawmakers revisit the lower Snake River dam debate and demonstrate the  change-up in Congress.  It’ll be interesting… Read the Statesman’s article

 From Western Watersheds Blog:

“The Idaho Statesman has an interesting article on a new bill that would study the economics of breaching four of the lower Snake River dams.  Idaho’s federal politicians are already fortifying with Idaho economy guru, Bill Sali, introducing a “sense of Congress” resolution – which promises to deliver an enticing analogy.  If Idahoans are lucky, C-SPAN will be there to demonstrate to the world a confluence of phenonena”… more…



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  1. kt Avatar

    The salmon study article says that Idaho Representatives Mike Simspon and Bill Sali oppose even this salmon study.

    American Lands Alliance just came out with its Congressional scorecard (the link doesn’t seem to be working right, but you can access it by going to their Homepage) that shows Butch Otter in the 109th Cong and Mike Simspon getting a Big Fat “zero” on environmental votes related to forests, keeping NEPA intact, etc. Does anyone wonder why no one would trust Otter to rationally manage wolves? He has a 100% anti-environmental record.

    The link to the Congressional scorecard doesn’t seem to be working right, but you can access it by going to , a link to the Cong Scorecard is then on the right, and that contains a link to a state-by-state list in alphabetical order.

    Can’t help but note the hypocrisy of Mike Simpson (who touts a wilderness bill for Idaho country that is supposed to have salmon – and who has been featured as a speaker at REDFISH Lake), being against even a study of salmon that might improve their very slim chances of survival in Idaho. The policy of the Idaho Congressional delegation iss to be purposefully ignorant roadblocks until the salmon are extinct in Idaho.

  2. kt Avatar

    Here is a Link to an article on a link between salmon and wolves, from Alaska in 2004:

    The article describes salmon being a “bonus” for wolf pups during a hard time for them. And this being 10% of the inland wolf diet.

    What will it take (besides cleaning house of all the current Idaho Cong delegation), to get wolf pups habitaully feasting on wild salmon on the shores of Redfish Lake again?

    And if that were to occur, would there still be churlish Whiners-Against-Wolves squealing over wolves taking their salmon? Or, once the pathetic ID Cong delegation (and Bush and minions), that set the tone for unmitigated greedheadedness finally get booted out, will they too recede?

  3. be Avatar

    it’s interesting that the idaho delegation would be against the economic study – perhaps it’s because they won’t be choosing the economists as in the past…

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