SLT editorial hits uplifting chord

The Salt Lake Tribune published a welcome editorial about a federal court decision regarding forest plans. The editorial also boldy illustrates the importance of wildness and its uplifting affect.
Value of a forest: Federal ruling is a victory for conservation
Salt Lake Tribune Editorial




  1. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I don’t know if folks have noticed, but almost every Bush effort to rewrite regulations to our basic public land laws have been struck down by the courts as illegal.

    Yes, you can rewrite regulations, but you have to do so within the bounds of law.

    If you couple these illegal regulation rewrites with the criminal wrongdoing the Interior (Griles), and the failure to audit if the oil companies are paying their royalties, and the misrepresentation of science (Julie MacDonald), you can draw the conclusion that these folks have no respect for the law. A cynic might even say they are basically criminally minded

  2. Chris H. Avatar
    Chris H.

    You don’t have to be a cynic. I may be cynical but I have no problem saying what has been done here (and elsewhere during the shrub dynasty) has been done with the knowledge of the consequences and personal benificial gains of said actions.
    It IS criminal intenent.

  3. Chris H. Avatar
    Chris H.

    You don’t have to be a cynic. I may be cynical but I have no problem saying what has been done here (and elsewhere during the shrub dynasty) has been done with the knowledge of the consequences and personal beneficial gains of said actions.
    It IS criminal intent.
    sorry about the late grammar and spelling corrections

  4. skyrim Avatar

    And yet here in Utah Bush enjoys the highest approval rating in the entire country. The blind leading the blind…….

  5. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Idaho is number two. In Idaho it’s because they think he is a conservative, not realizing that the neocons are not conservatives, but rather big government authoritarians.

  6. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    In my opinion Fascist is closer to reality.

  7. Denise Johnson Avatar
    Denise Johnson

    ” As important as the legal ramifications of the administration’s action is its blatant disregard for what Americans, we who own these lands, want for them.
    The protection of these irreplaceable lands is vital for wildlife, for pure water and for the quiet and solitude that they provide for hunters, anglers, hikers and all who visit them to escape the noise and ugliness that dominate so much of our world.” Judge Hamilton’s quote here really shows what is going on now-a-days. Like when policy becomes a law. KUDOS to her!!!! That’s telling it like it is!!!
    Salt Lake City also has a great Mayor Rocky Anderson who is speaking out against this administration. And is really sticking it to the Bush Cronies. All in the REDDIST STATE in the NATION…who’d a thunk it! You just gotta love these two!

  8. skyrim Avatar

    I am very proud of Mayor Anderson and what he’s doing to show the rest of the world there are people in this state who can think and reason.

  9. be Avatar

    there needs to be a deterrent – the administration is pathologically criminal, the courts have consistently stricken down their attempts to ignore/co-opt the law – but there is no real reason for them not to try – worst case is their corporate grab falls – and the public-interest orgs that helped to prevent it are out a great deal of resources.

  10. Denise Johnson Avatar
    Denise Johnson

    be…RIGHT ON! Is this CORPORATE America, or the New World Order???

  11. elkhunter Avatar

    They had a big thing on the Mayor on the news tonight. His approval rating is barely %50. People feel he is wasting more time promoting his agenda with the President, than dealing with his responsibilies as Mayor. Which I agree with, he can promote his opinions on his own time, but he seems to be doing it on the cities money and time, which I dont think is right.

  12. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Fifty per cent isn’t bad for a politician. It’s not great either, but I like Rocky, he’s really taking it to the number one enemy of the outdoors.

    I think Mayor Andersen grew up where I mostly grew up, Logan, Utah.

  13. be Avatar


    as far as my ability to grasp the world – which is limited indeed… i see a world in which children are raised to functionally redirect any conceptualized ‘value’ through the pocket-book…. so long as our ‘value’ for things is understood using that single metric – the almighty dollar – then alternative values will not be represented on par and will only flourish as a consequence of their ability to similarly engender the accumulation of $wealth$. corporate consumptive america has brought about bush et al… the last 6-7 years the infrustructure of our civic institutions have been deconstructed in much the same way as those of our natural commons… our government, institutionally, is being rebuilt to be responsive to only the monetary value – and take a look around, do people genuinely seem more fulfilled? i would say the opposite is the case…

    the inspiration that so many of us share when we find ourselves out there in the wild is a competing interest (the monied interests have squared that necessary adversarial relationship off as such). it was just very heartwarming to read on editorial which represented that thing that i find with my kids and share in nature (nourishing quiet, inspiration, spiritualism, etc.). let’s hope that we can be as efficient in making our public institutions responsive to that value as bush inc. have been at tearing it down… enviros need teeth – irresponsible collaberation (that kind we find that is practiced seemingly for its own sake sometimes) – and impotent consequences for the assault of our interests demonstrates – rightly – a weak resolve…

  14. elkhunter Avatar

    I dont care really about his opinions, I just think alot of people are wondering why he is spending so much time promoting his agenda, when he should be focusing on SLC and things that need to be done, personnally I think he likes the limelight, but I could be wrong. As the mayor I just think he should be focusing all his energy on improving SLC rather than appearing on any news cast he can to talk about impeaching the President.

  15. Ralph Maughan Avatar


    A non-wildlife sidelight, but I am a political scientist. In repsonse to what you wrote

    We have about 8 US Senators running for President, and it may be that we’d be better off if they did less campaigning and worked harder in the Senate (they won’t, however).

    Mayor Andersen (son?) isn’t going to be in his mayoral job much longer, but he no doubt thinks of his future, not to suggest he is in any way insincere.

    He may end up chairing an organization to rid the White House of Cheney and Bush.


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