From the daily archives: Friday, April 13, 2007

Bush still poses a great threat to our air, water, land and wildlife. Increasingly, however, the courts block his Administration’s efforts to rewrite regulations and anti-conservation zealots now longer control key committees in Congress. Scandal too has slowed down the Administration’s efforts.

In general I’d say this Administration has a real problem with obeying the […]

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Last week I posted an article how the Idaho National Guard was taking incoming fire at its training grounds at the Birds of Prey area near Boise.  A lot of people read the article probably because we figure incoming fire comes from hostile military units. There was also the odd statement from the rancher […]

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This is a follow-up to the story yesterday on the mauling of a man adjacent to his home in a rural subdivision in grizzly habitat near the Idaho/Wyoming border.

E. Idaho neighbors disagree on response to bear attack. Residents acknowledge bears come with the territory, but some still want the grizzly killed. By Rocky […]

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They are going to reconstruct the roads at Canyon Village and the access roads to the trails leading to the views of the falls.

Story in the Billings Gazette.

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April 2007


‎"At some point we must draw a line across the ground of our home and our being, drive a spear into the land and say to the bulldozers, earthmovers, government and corporations, “thus far and no further.” If we do not, we shall later feel, instead of pride, the regret of Thoreau, that good but overly-bookish man, who wrote, near the end of his life, “If I repent of anything it is likely to be my good behaviour."

~ Edward Abbey