Bush efforts to wreck environmental laws meet more and more resistance

Bush still poses a great threat to our air, water, land and wildlife. Increasingly, however, the courts block his Administration’s efforts to rewrite regulations and anti-conservation zealots now longer control key committees in Congress. Scandal too has slowed down the Administration’s efforts.

In general I’d say this Administration has a real problem with obeying the law, from international treaties barring inhuman treatment of prisoners of war, the administration of student loans (the student loan scandal), management of federal buildings (the GSA scandal), prosecutor purge scandal, to the turmoil and corruption in the Dept. of Interior whose policies are the prime focus of this blog.

They have believed that if they don’t like the law, ignore it; or rewrite the regulations that interpret and implement the law. Not so any more!

Many new constraints for Bush on the environment.” By Brad Knickerbocker. Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

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