Colony collapse disorder

Perhaps you’ve heard – the bees are missing… Being among other things a horticulturist, I am acutely aware of the implications. Entomologists, biologists, ecologists, and a host of other disciplines take note: The bees are missing ~ and no one knows why ~

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The Economist

Colony collapse disorder, as the phenomenon has become known as, was first reported in America in mid-November 2006. It spread rapidly, with beekeepers reporting heavy losses of between 30% and 90% of bees. Some 24 American states have now reported cases of colony collapse disorder. It has also been seen in Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

No bees? Not just strange, but scary
by Dave Lindorff
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Die-off of bees an ominous sign – Canada

Researchers ponder where the bees be Minneapolis






  1. Kalanu Avatar

    The reports are just starting to come in that this is happening in Canada.
    What I am wondering though, and have not seen any indication, is this happening to wild bees yet as well?
    I think it was Einstein of all people who said when the bees start disappearing, then we’re in real trouble.
    Unfortunately, some people will NEVER admit we’re in trouble. This will be explained away like everything else.

  2. jewel Avatar

    Judgement Day is fast approaching.

  3. Brian Avatar

    Yea Jewel…”judgement day”.

  4. Brooke Avatar

    Is this everywhere? Because now that I think of it, I’ve seen flies already, but no bees. Is it just in a couple areas?

  5. Brooke Avatar

    I heard on the radio that cell phone frequencies were confusing bees. Does this sound even reasonable? It would be interesting if it was.

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Brian Ertz