'We have to develop'

A short AP piece published in the Casper StarTribune – ‘We have to develop’ – outlines how Kathleen Clarke’s potential replacement as head of BLM, Jim Caswell, sees your public lands as a sea of untapped resources ready for the taking !

“We just have to develop the resources that we have,” Caswell told The Associated Press during an interview from his office Friday. “You can’t just write this stuff off. It’s a terribly important activity for the good of the country.

Fortunately, Caswell’s appointment requires the approval of the Senate – an opportunity/forum to critically evaluate and elevate this administration’s conservation record – if taken.

I will publish a list/link of Senate votes on this confirmation when they become available.

Things to Think About :

Breaking up bull trout DPS, Secretary of Interior “streamlined” critical habitat designation & “cooperative federalism” ESA

Sees nothing wrong with ‘Industry lobbyists hired to help with roadless areas decision’







  1. kim Avatar

    we will see how green the dems are, now that they can hae an opportunity to stop something,,,but i can hear the paper bag crumbling,,,but i hope not,

  2. Monty Avatar

    The phrase, “We have to develop”, implies that without infinite growth our culture will collapse. The mathamatics of exponental growth are not acknowledged by either party. Discussions about limits are ignored, “sustainable growth” is a lie. If the earth’s population is growing at 1.9%, it doubles every 36 years. Every six weeks the earth’s population increases by roughly 10 million. If the earth were flat, instead of a sphere, then we could sustain infinite growth because– as everyone knows– “Flat Earths” have no beginning or end.

  3. heavenabove Avatar

    I pray that something changes attitudes like this before it is too late. What needs to be developed is a sense of belonging to this Earth, not a sense of using up everthing it provides for us. Oh wait, life’s all about profit these days.

  4. kt Avatar

    Caswell just panders to whatever he senses those who are Powerful in his audience want to hear. Like at the Idaho Fish and Game Commission meeting early this year on Wolf De-listing. Caswell embraced the standard Id y ho whine about How We Can Milk the Feds And It Is Our God Given Right To Do So.

    He went on about how to keep Idaho on the federal dole for funds for wolf “management” long after de-listing occurs. The rapt IDFG Commissioners wanted to hear all about how they could keep getting federal funds while slaughtering wolves …

    Watch for large sums of federal tax dollars to be funneled by BLM into the Idaho OSC to then be tunred into Cow Projects claimed to be “habitat” projects — with Caswell as BLM head.

    The Office of Species Extinction that Caswell headed in Idaho, for 6 long years (or whatever the period of time was that he was Kempthorne’s appointee there), pushed species like slickspot peppergrass and Columbia spotted frog in the Owyhee Canyonlands closer and closer to extinction caused by cattle grazing on public lands.

  5. jewel Avatar

    kt; Cow projects? what are those?

  6. Matt Avatar

    Jewel, I think kt is referring to government projects that benefit the cattle industry – such as cost-share for fencing and water development.

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