WWPblog has a post evaluating a few demonstrative leadership decisions Jim Caswell has been involved in. Caswell’s been tapped to lead BLM.

Check out Caswell, Tripping Trampling Triggers & Leadership

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  1. kt says:

    Caswell will make the perfect malleable Industry Yes-man for Bush and Company. Comes across as a bland bureaucrat, yet in reading the memo on how he and Ted Hoffman a well known spokesman for the cattle industry and a Greenscammer, worked together to gut the scientific standard applied to protecting slickspot peppergrass habitat, it is easy to see just where his brand of “Cooperative Conservation” is headed. 100 percent INDUSTRY Cooperation. Zero percent CONSERVATION.

    By the way, Casell’s buddy – Ted Hoffman and Jim Yost and one other Idaho Republican operative in the 1990s tried to steal the name of a local conservation group, the Committee for Idaho’s High Desert. They did this so that they could mis-represent the position of the group on an Air Force Bombing Range in Owyhee County. The enviros fought back, and Hoffman, Yost and the other fellow lost – essentially they were found to be Greenscammers. It was upheld by the Ninth Circuit.

    Unfortunately, the Bombing Range that eventually ended up being built in Owyhee County after years of controversy – was built right on top of what had been the largest block of occupied slickspot peppergrass habitat known. Now, that area is having bomblets dropped on it, and cattle grazed by the Air Force more intensively than even when BLM has control of the land. And Jim Caswell as head of the Idaho Office of Species Extinction did all he could to make sure this plant was trampled even more towards extinction.

  2. sal says:

    Well, given all of that he must be the right man for the job.


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